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3 Ways YouTube Livestreams Can Supercharge Your Channel Growth and Engagement

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

Are you using your livestream option on YouTube to instantly grow your channel numbers, loyalty and engagement?

Livestreams have become a popular phenomenon in the recent years and also in part to the growing usage of stream-key features. Here are a 3-quick reasons on why you should be using YouTube livestreams to grow your channel!

1. Consistent Engagements

With the rise of chat-based features, YouTube has implemented a chat-box option for all channel livestreams. This has become a game-changer in the recent years as it has allowed for higher engagement frequencies, relationship building with audiences of similar interests, and channel loyalty development.

Audiences have grown to love this chat-box feature, so it is important to encourage live-engagement in every running livestream and appropriate to your channel-specific niche.

TIP: You can also pin messages with links and updates to allow potential viewers the chance of seeing what your channel has to offer or say much more frequently.

2. Recommendations Exposure

Once a viewer visits your livestream, their chances of being re-exposed to the livestream again on their YouTube recommendations section increases. Factors such as the frequency and number of livestreams visited, channel engagement and subscription-bias will influence whether a channel livestream is promoted again to the viewer or not.

Since livestreams are a brand-new and growing phenomenon in the YouTube space, consistently running livestreams have greater retention potential and chance for re-exposure on your viewers home page. This benefit contrasts regular video uploads which must compete against other similar channel uploads.

3. Hashtag Utilization

The use of hashtags has began to receive huge traction as of recent years on YouTube and also in part due to the golden ages of TikTok (#fyp on YouTube Shorts has already accumulated more than 1.1M uses).

As the various categories of hashtag communities expand daily and their discovery within generations become much more prominent, hashtag utilization will inevitably increase. Hashtag communities on video projects have indeed become popular investment strategies for both views and engagement.

It is crucial that channels running livestreams of similar niches follow similar trends like these to help with gaining maximum potential channel exposure towards their intended targeted audience. A maximum of 3 hashtags is a good rule-of-thumb to go by when considering, researching any hashtags and editing descriptions.

Livestreams will continue to become utilized daily as a valuable tool for channel awareness, engagement and growth. Many channels have supercharged their growth very recently and quickly by continuing a balance of both video uploads and maintaining a consistent livestream for viewers to visit. Retention and loyalty have grown through new and exciting options for viewers such as chat engagements, pinning messages and content updates. With their inevitable growth, livestreams are a valuable feature that are free for anyone to watch anywhere with an internet connection and access to YouTube.

Your channel livestream can be creatively updated hassle-free and require as much attention as you desire. If you would like to run your livestream on autopilot with stress-free management, select one of our premium hosting memberships to have an agent work for you as soon as today!

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