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Policies at Dimple

Upload Policy

Dimplehost and respected partners are not responsible for any outcomes and effects each desired upload has on channel creators including, but not limited to, copyright strikes, bans, definitive losses, demonetization, and similar outcomes. Instead, each client reserves the right to full-service uploads pertaining to agent request for all accepted files with full understanding of platform usage, policy upload risk, and consequences associated with corresponding terms of use and services.

Management Policy

Dimplehost and its affiliates, inc. server agents, reserve the right to cease and refuse service at the discretion of entity free-will. Management services offered by Dimplehost and corresponding affiliates are contracts between both parties that can be terminated at any time of service without reason. Clients agree to these terms by selecting corresponding management services listed as Silver, Gold or Diamond, and adhere to professional communication at all times between affiliates. This includes all clients limiting usage of inappropriate behavior such as the use of vulgar language, deception and sharing of private information.

Payment Policy

Payments between parties are created in monthly installments that includes both setup and management. However, payments do not bind clients or affiliates to corresponding server requests and adjustments even after termination of installment periods. Instead, new periods and services are restarted for due to client information not being stored and shared with any 3rd-party affiliate service. Payments are processed on day of request and serve as official start-date of service for both setup and management.

Refund Policy

Refunds between parties are at the discretion of the outline on respected Dimplehost website service guarantee description. Payments of installment periods are not binding and do not define areas of work and service descriptions. Payment defines periods of service for management initiated on each corresponding month. Therefore, defined guarantees regarding refunds as currently set to 3-business days is set to outline as the bases for refund requirement.

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