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A Simple 24/7 Audio Livestream Hosting Service for Everyone

Select and Forget

Professional Audio Livestream Service Management

Take out the hassle and headaches of setting up and managing your audio livestream with our simple selection of hosting tiers




  • To Border or Not?

- Upload your own border for the edges of your livestream or go live

without one

  • 60GB Upload Limit

- Play up to 60GB of audio and video of any length looped in specific order

or completely random

  • Single or Slideshow Backgrounds

- Upload videos and pictures such as animated GIFs, or solid JPEG files for your background!





+ Silver benefits included

  • Now Playing

- Customize the titles of the audio on your livestream with any font and color 

anywhere on your livestream

  • 70GB Upload Limit

- Play up to 70GB of audio and video of any length looped in specific order

or completely random

  • Repeat Screen Reminders 

- Remind your viewers on screen about that special something as a text or banner advertisement, animated or solid, designed by us or uploaded by you!




+ Silver Benefits Included

+ Gold Benefits Included

  • Center Logo Dimple 

- Upload a file for the center of your livestream as an animated GIF, transparent PNG, or solid JPEG file

  • 80GB Upload Max

​- Play up to 80 GB of audio and video of any length looped in specific order 

or completely random

  • Alerts Integration

- Add your alerts to customize your stream with your widgets such as recent donors, new subscribers, goals and other alert boxes!




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Your Audio Anywhere

Play it in chronological order or randomize anything on loop with your very own livestream such as music, philosophy, lectures, news, or pre-recorded videos

Image by Melanie Pongratz

Whenever You Are Ready

See it before start and select when to go live as soon as you approve of its completion

*audio livestream example:

Audio Livestream Every Day Musiness Example - Arrows.png

Proven Designs to Help You Focus

Skip figuring out the right placement, resizing and uploading so that you can focus on what matters most to focus on your active engagement and brand designments

*audio livestream examples:

24/7 Support for Your 24/7 Livestream

Focus on your growth while going live with confidence knowing that you will have a support team monitoring what you need showing most immediately

Image by Jeff Hardi
Image by Ilias Chebbi

What Are You Waiting For?

Whether you're going live temporarily or forever, we have you covered with absolutely no commitments and a 100% 3-day money-back guarantee!

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