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How to Use YouTube's Copyright Match Tool

When it comes to uploading media on YouTube, there is currently no way of knowing how the uploaded content will affect your channel until their automatic Copyright Match Tool detects something in it that YouTube has found to been previously claimed.

In order to properly use the copyright match tool, an upload must first finish so that you as the channel owner can see what claim and timestamp you can decide to keep, remove or dispute. Detected claims can take the form of a copyrighted sample used in the audio track or similar-style sound that has been claimed by a previous owner with copyrights.

If you are looking to use the copyright match tool, then read below for instructions on how to use it properly.

Keep in mind that there no way to undo channel strikes and to unsend subscriber notifications once an upload is completed. The only solution would be to delete the upload as soon as possible. Otherwise, uploading a draft video of the actual video as "unlisted" would be the smartest solution to avoid your subscribers from seeing it and any potential copyright strikes.

Also, there is no currently no known software or third-party application that has or can potentially be developed for overcoming this obstacle with YouTube. Several reasons include constant-changing copyright laws in various countries and YouTube not being able to oversee all content creation since claims and copyright strikes have to occur via reliable screenings and legal entities.

To prevent a potential channel warning, strike, or current subscribers from viewing your test-uploads, always double-check to select your uploads as "unlisted" instead on "Private" in your YouTube Studio video upload queue or your third-party software uploader such as Adobe Premiere Elements.

Here is step one of using the YouTube Copyright Match Tool:

1) Upload Your Draft Video(s)

If you are uploading multiple videos or songs for an upload or livestream, then the most efficient and convenient way to take advantage of the copyright match tool is to upload them combined into one large video. This way you can pin-point exactly where and what has been detected.

2) Barrel Through Upload Info

Since you may be deleting this draft video anyway, there really is no need for much thought here when filling in the video details. We are only using the upload feature for the tool, but you may add details that work for you as reference if needed.

3) Wait for Copyright Match Tool to Finish

This part is letting you know that the tool is working its magic behind the scenes. Hit "Next" to go to the next part.

4) Check Visibility to Unlisted

Setting videos to private will still notify your subscribers of the upload, but they would just need your permission to view it. We want to avoid this by setting the uploads to unlisted. With this option, the only way people can view the video is with its link.

5) Let It Upload

Depending on the length of the video will determine how long this part will take. This is where the copyright match tool does its magic.

6) Keep an Eye on the Visibility

There should be a little icon that says pending next to it. Once the video completes, the text will change and let you know what would have been the result of an actual upload.

7) Review the Visibility Text

Once complete, the copyright match tool will let you know if it found anything. Certain content will allow restricted visibility such as by country while other will completely block the upload.

8) Click 'See Details'

This pop-up will give you a detailed explanation on visibility and how the content affects your channel. It will also give you details below on where and what content was found which is what we mainly want

9) Review Copyrighted Content

Certain content will affect the upload in various ways such as exposure and monetization. Decide on what actions you would like to take next based on the copyrighted content found.

10) Repeat Upload for any Discrepancies

It is a good idea to upload the edited version just incase the copyright match tool missed any other content. Remember to set the final video draft to unlisted just incase you have subscribers with upload notifications on.

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